Gallery 10 represent a broad spectrum of professional skills and artistic achievement. We are continually exhibiting new works from this highly talented group of artists and invite you to make return visits to our gallery and enjoy the ever growing creativity. To be considered as a gallery consignor artist, please download the application on our Contact Us page.

Cathleen Berglund studied art primarily with Maurice Lapp at Santa Rosa junior college.  Her distinctive paintings, drawings, and sculptures were first shown in Sonoma and Mendicino County galleries fifty years ago, followed by exhibitions in galleries and festivals in California, Washington and Minnesota.  She is a frequent exhibitor at juried shows in Sacramento.  She has recently been accepted to show at this fine gallery again, bringing her art “back home”.

Meg Black-Smith  has been designing and making beautiful, limited edition, and wearable jewelry for over 30 years. Gemstones and pearls that Meg uses in her designs are thoughtfully varied and come from all over the world.

Bruce Hancock, now retired, dedicates full time to painting.  He paints California and western themed landscapes as well as portraits, figures and still life subjects.  The practice of plein air painting – painting outdoors from life – is a favorite pursuit.  Bruce has studied with many gifted artists and art instructors including Howard Rees, Dan Edmondson, Qiang Huang, Fongwei Liu, Kathleen Dunphy, Michael Siegel, Suchitra Bhosle, Craig Nelson and Terry Miura.  His work has won numerous awards and is in many private collections.

Whimsical Clay Collectibles Eileen is a very popular artist in our gallery creating colorful and whimsical characters that grace collectibles such as small dishes, ornaments and pins.  All the work is individually hand crafted, decorated and glazed.

Margaret Kunzler makes elegant porcelain pottery with Barium glazes that are non toxic.  Her work is reminiscent of arts and craft movement.   This pottery is so beautifully made they are prized as gifts, often for special occasions, like weddings.

Visual Artist Painting characters in an abstract world.


Instagram @dmanoos9

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Decorative Ceramic Tiles The unique and beautiful ceramic tiles may be used individually as a single statement or as multiple accents in a larger installation. Each tile is individually hand painted then “fired” at 1800 degrees until the vivid, jewel-like colors emerge.

Soft Pastel Patricia brings her wonderful abilities to create soft pastel paintings of landscapes and subjects in nature. Although representational in style, her paintings are an emotional response to her experience of the environment and not of a specific location. 

Pen and Ink Mary is a Freelance Illustrator,  Concept Artist, and Visual Development Artist currently working on developing her own visions and personal projects in her home studio. She is trained in both digital and a variety of traditional mediums and describes her painting style as illustrative and cinematic.  Current mediums include Pen and Ink, Graphite, Oils and Digital Painting.  Website     Instagram @maryhighstreet         Email

Indigo Carlton is a self-taught local artist inspired by the depths of the personal and collective unconscious.  Her altered books emerge using found and treasured objects such as charms, photos and an assortment of others small objects.  These become sculptural books which invite your interpretation.  Her art provides an adventure.

Jewelry Design John Osterhaug is a dichroic glass maker living in San Francisco. His unusual and beautiful glass creations present themselves in the form of contemporary jewelry designs. He uses surgical steel for his earring posts.

Acrylic Paintings Steve Holler is an artist and designer living in Northern California.  His paintings are representational in nature depicting every day scenes and objects that represent his life experiences.  He strives to broaden the viewer’s visual perspective of common subject matter by providing a unique interpretation in bold color, descriptive light and compositional form.

Pottery John Reiger creates functional stoneware pottery. It is decorated in the Majolica style, with images of flowers, trees, and sunshine. He has always preferred to make useful items but drives to imbue them with grace and beauty.

Watercolor Painting & Prints Stella’s beautiful paintings and prints reflect her love for nature and animals. This self-taught artist has developed a style uniquely her own. She has a rare sense of color, high degree of detail and an over quiet peacefulness in her paintings

Art Glass Lee Wassink’s quality material, craftsmanship and complete in-house execution of these original designs is the result of two decades of experience. The Glass Forge endeavors to produce high quality art glass that is both beautiful and functional.

Joanne Dedge grew up in Southern California where she enjoyed experimenting with all mediums of art and won awards in High School using pastels, conti and tissue paper collage.  She took numerous art classes at college during her career and discovered that watercolor was her passion.  Nature and wildlife are a continued inspiration to Joanne’s work and can be seen in many of her beautiful paintings at Gallery 10.

Linda Miller has been with Gallery 10 for 15 years.  Her meticulously painted designs adorn small boxes, pins, ornaments and tiny easels.  Her “desktop getaways” are painted on small blocks of wood depicting seascapes and countryside landscapes.  These small miniatures make great unusual gifts.

Jeannie Vodden’s interest in the variety of textures and patterns found in both natural and man-made objects is the starting point for most of her paintings.  She adds natural light and sometimes a dash of fantasy. Jeannie is a popular instructor of watercolor.  She has taught workshops throughout California and out of state for over 25 years.

Dayna Galletti has been involved in art all her life, starting off forming small animals with red dirt in her backyard. Her contemporary animals, are hand formed, some fired as is, others are finished with glazes, underglazes, stains, oxides, and india ink are used for color.

Dragonware Jackie Boutin and Sue Phelan are the ceramic artists who create items of whimsy and beauty.  They started with dragons, that’s why the name, but have since moved on to many more creatures and animals.  They had an interest in myth and story telling which inspires their work.  Each sculpture is one of a kind.

Ginni Murray, a Jackson resident, is one of our newer consignors at Gallery 10.  Painting is her therapy, after retiring she now has more time to devote to her love of art.  Watercolor is her medium of choice, she paints loose, colorful paintings that usually have a nature inspired subject in an impressionistic style.

Brent Parsons  A love of drawing changed Brent’s college major from science to art in 1971 when an art survey class introduced a process that could enrich drawings in pencil and ink by etching, inking and printing a copper plate.  With his children grown and more time, he has returned to etching, a medium that requires it.

Valerie McClure’s love of glass started in 2005 when her daughter took her to a bead making class at UC Davis.  RyPi Designs evolved from there.  Her  creativity would flow out after working all day in Special Ed and Pre K.  Working with glass is very fulfilling.  Sharing the art of fused glass with people from designing,  to cutting large sheets and then firing in a kiln is very exciting to her.

John Mort’s hand thrown and slab built porcelain is his trade mark.  The form, attention to detail, and fine craftsmanship are the elements which make each piece distinctive.

Each piece is decorated by one of two methods, sliptrailing or sgraffito.

Harrie Alley is a retired art teacher, she has shown her work in the Contemporary Gallery,Sacramento, Ca., 20th Street Gallery, Sacramento, Midtown Framing & Gallery, Sacramento, and other galleries and art exhibitions around the area.

Her mediums include acrylic, oil, monotype and assemblage.
Herrie’s paintings invite you to think outside the box.  You will find playful curiosities and images from myths or dreams.  You may hear echos of ancient times or see ordinary objects in a different way.  Colors, shapes and patterns tell their own story,
Her images have a personal meaning,but she invites you to settle comfortably into this odd, whimsical world and make it your own.

Marianne Harris Also known as Meb. For the last 13 years I have been a full time pastel artist. Pure pigment pastels are my chosen medium as they always remain vibrant and never dull, crack or yellow.
Animals are my passion, and are generally the focus of my art. When I choose a subject, I look for a whimsical character, somewhat playful and/or slightly mischievous. What I love most about pastels is how they allow me to create soft, realistic paintings. My goal is to create
portraits that bring to life the beauty, power and intelligence of each subject in order to create an emotional connection with the viewer.
I am a Signature Member of Pastel Society of West Coast. I live in Valley Springs, CA with my husband, Pat, and our two dogs, Sierra and Dakota. Commissions are always welcome!