Featured Artist

Our Featured Artist for October 2021

Marleen Olive

“Parenting Abstract with Realistic

Marleen draws inspiration from many different things a photograph, nature or just a mood.  Most paintings start by painting random shapes onto her paper using only three colors.  These three colors are the only colors used in the painting with the exception of white if using inks or acrylics in watercolors only the white of the paper is used.

At first Marleen resisted risking the quality of a painting to the unknown, but she soon discovered that the unpredictability inherent in trying something new forces attention on the act of painting and improves the final result.  By responding to what evolves during the painting process Marleen can enhance her creative powers.  In her current work she has been parenting abstract with realistic.

Marleen has been actively involved in art throughout her life.  Marleen was an art instructor for Southwestern Community College in Brookings, Oregon for 13 years.  After moving here in 1999 she taught watercolor classes until covid hit.  Marleen is current President of Amador County Artists Association and a owner/member of Gallery 10.